Sushi Class

Ever want to try your hand at making your favorite sushi roll?
Become a chef for a day and learn from a master. Chef Suzuki will teach you everything you need to know.
We'll cover the ins-and-outs of making seasoned sushi rice, selecting sushi-grade fish, and preparing all your ingredients for rolling.

Once we have the basics down, you'll get hands-on practice learning a variety of sushi-making techniques,

  • Hosomaki - thin sushi rolls
  • Futomaki- thick sushi rolls
  • Uramaki - Inside out rolls (such as California roll)
  • Nigiri sushi - fish over pressed rice
  • Temaki - hand rolls

We'll also go over sushi resources in Dallas to find the ingredients and basic equipment you'll need for making your own sushi at home. Enjoy all your amazing sushi creations with Japanese green tea at the end! Try this sushi class for your next birthday party or corporate event.